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The buildings are divided up into counties. Scroll down and just click on each picture for the gallery of images.

Duckett's Grove, Co. CarlowDuckett's Grove

Cratloemoyle Castle, Co. ClareCratloemoyle Castle
Leamanagh Castle, Co. ClareLeamanagh Castle
Finavarra House, Co. ClareFinavarra House
Kilkishen Church, Co. ClareKilkishen Church
Kilkishen Castle, Co. ClareKilkishen Castle
Cullaun House, Co. ClareCullaun House

Bellevue House, Co. CorkBellevue House
Mitchelstown Creameries, Co. CorkMitchelstown Creameries
Castlehyde Church, Co. CorkCastlehyde Church
Mallow Castle, Co. CorkMallow Castle
Dromdihy House, Co. CorkDromdihy House
Castle Curious, Co. CorkCastle Curious

Ardfry House, Co. GalwayArdfry House
Kiltullagh House, Co. GalwayKiltullagh House
Renville Hall, Co. GalwayRenville Hall
Tyrone House, Co. GalwayTyrone House
Dunsandle House, Co. GalwayDunsandle House
Marble Hill, Co. GalwayMarble Hill
Kiltullagh Castle, Co. GalwayKiltullagh Castle
Abandoned House, Co. GalwayAbandoned House
Castledaly, Co. GalwayCastledaly
Monksfield House, Co. GalwayMonksfield House
Gardener's House, Co. GalwayGardener's House
Derrydonnell Castle, Co. GalwayDerrydonnell Castle
Menlo Castle, Co. GalwayMenlo Castle
Lowville House, Co. GalwayLowville House
Castle Taylor, Co. GalwayCastle Taylor
Northbrook Cottage, Co. GalwayNorthbrook Cottage
Castlegrove, Co. GalwayCastlegrove

Ballycarbery Castle, Co. KerryBallycarbery Castle
Abandoned House, Co. KerryAbandoned House

Feighcullen Church, Co. KildareFeighcullen Church
Sally Mills, Co. KildareSally Mills
Levitstown Mill, Co. KildareLevitstown Mill

Kinlough House, Co. LeitrimKinlough House

The Grange, Co. LimerickThe Grange
Ballylanders Church, Co. LimerickBallylanders Church
Curraghchase House, Co. LimerickCurraghchase House
Dromore Castle, Co. LimerickDromore Castle

Stephenstown House, Co. LouthStephenstown House

Shrule Castle, Co. MayoShrule Castle
Moore Hall, Co. MayoMoore Hall
Shrule Mill, Co. MayoShrule Mill

Mount Talbot House, Co. RoscommonMount Talbot House
Cloontykilla Castle, Co. RoscommonCloontykilla Castle
Castle Island, Co. RoscommonCastle Island
Granlahan Monastery, Co. RoscommonGranlahan Monastery

Ahamlish Church, Co. SligoAhamlish Church

Carey's Castle, Co. TipperaryCarey's Castle
Burncourt Castle, Co. TipperaryBurncourt Castle
Loughmoe Castle, Co. TipperaryLoughmoe Castle
Lackeen Castle, Co. TipperaryLackeen Castle
Lackeen House, Co. TipperaryLackeen House
Castle Otway, Co. TipperaryCastle Otway

Ballysaggartmore Towers, Co. WaterfordBallysaggartmore Towers
Mayfield House, Co. WaterfordMayfield House

St. Mary's Church, Co. WestmeathSt. Mary's Church
Tudenham Park, Co. WestmeathTudenham Park
St. John the Baptist Church, Co. WestmeathSt. John the Baptist Church
St. Owen's Church, Co. WestmeathSt. Owen's Church

Wilton Castle, Co. WexfordWilton Castle
Castleboro House, Co. WexfordCastleboro House